“When my daughter was 9, in Year 4, she was completely disinterested in Maths at school, and I felt she wasn’t learning the basic skills she needed.  Working once a week after school with Julian helped her get a secure knowledge of basic things like times tables.  He worked with her on lots of structured repetition and practice, and her grasp of key basic concepts like multiplication and division etc definitely improved.  He also set her homework each week, which she knew had to be done, and which he was able to mark in front of her.  This was useful, since the attitude at her school was very ‘relaxed’ regarding homework; working with Julian meant she was still able to get the reinforcement of the learning she needed by doing the homework he set each week.”        Mrs P. MacGregor

Julian helped me with my A level maths; this has shown through my Core 2 grade and hopefully my Core 3 and 4 (results pending Aug 2012), I needed extra help to increase my maths grades for my conditional university place, this was especially useful when I was doing practise/past papers where he could go through the paper, once it had been marked and explain the method so that I could do the corrections at home (to show that I have understood). Also, when I had done chapters at school but not quite understood some of the harder questions, I could ask and he would do examples with me setting out the method step by step, which I could refer to later if I struggled on a similar question.        M. Farrow Griffiths (Upper Sixth)

I found the tuition helpful for my Maths exam, I moved up a couple of grade boundaries when I had someone to explain the things I didn’t understand and  it also gave me confidence which made revision for other subjects easier.        J. Martin (yr 11)