Pupils to sit times tables check from 2019

Pupils in England will sit a times tables check, from 2019, at the end of their primary years, Schools Minister Nick Gibb has confirmed.


Responding to the news, Anne Watson, emeritus professor of mathematics education at the University of Oxford, expressed concern for pupils who struggled with the test.

“My main concern is what he [Mr Gibb] has in mind for the children who do not pass the test”.

UK is ranked 27th in the world for Maths

Surprisingly bad, especially considering how many current top Mathematicians and Scientists are from the UK.  Slightly better news is that Nottinghamshire is just above the National Average measure of success at GCSE Maths (5 subjects inc Maths and English) with 58% of pupils achieving this.

New GCSE Maths Levels explained (?!)

There does not seem to a definitive explanation available yet, but what I have gleaned from several sources is looking like this: A** = Level 9; A* = Level 8; A = Level 7; B = Level 6; C = Level 5 etc….down to G = Level 1.  The new Level 9 is described as being “above A*”, hence I have called it “A**”.